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So its been like 2 years now since iv’e been on here? Damnnnnn. I’m old omg.

Anyway… I accidentally stumbled upon here and ngl I cried whilst reading my writing, not only does is SUCK but oh the feelings it brought back. I remember how happy I always was whilst writing and taking pictures. I miss it… Alot.

And so iv’e come to a decision, I will be re-writing The Fearless Legacy, with new characters, new plot lines and new and (hopefully) improved writing. I will be scraping all of the previous chapters (I think) and starting from the beginning. So yeah im actually really excited for this haha.

I love writing more than anything else in this world and Sims just helps me escape from the real world, and combining the two is just… paradise. I’ll first write a few chapters for the new gen as well as construct a plot and all that so I don’t get stuck halfway through but yeah this is definitely happening. I’ll be writing about five chapters in advanced then going to take pics and then finally will be publishing.

The Fearless Legacy will still be called The Fearless Legacy, but instead we will be starting with Hollis Blue, a sweet ballerina. ūüôā

Can’t wait to show her to you guys xoxox

The Fearless Legacy will on the other hand be MOVED, it’s still on wordpress just a different domain or whatever you call it. The Fearless Legacy

Chapter 1

Adult Content is present in this Chapter. If you are under 16 years old, or reading this in public, then here is your warning! Enjoy! I sat there looking at my little baby sleeping so nicely in his little cat bed, his so young and small, About a week ago we found out that¬†Sammy has […]



I watched as my sister talked about how her day at school went, I didn’t bother listing its not like she ever said anything interesting or new the same old boringness as always. It had been a week since mom had asked me to carry on the legacy, Its an honour to be a heiress, but I still cant get over the fact of why she would chose me and not Skylar, I mean Skylar is pretty, she’s smart, she has thousands of friends and she’s always making mom and dad smile, where all I do is make them mad.


Even thought were twins and mom always says she loves us equally but I can see the favouritism by just looking at her, she always gets a spark in her eye when looking at Skylar, dad and even Quen but when she looks at me there’s nothing, I do everything to make mom proud but she always looks upset. I cant be doing anything wrong can I? I always do as asked even when it hurts me but there’s still nothing. When it wasn’t my parents that were mad at me or something then there was my siblings, Quentin would always manage to irritate me no matter how good of a mood im in and Skylar well she’s the only one in the family that doesn’t seem to hate me, well her and my little baby’s.


My little Sammy was actually me and my siblings Christmas present but Sam always seemed to be more fond of me and because of that he became my cat, I also got my lizard Pentagon by my uncle as an early birthday present, the two of them were always here to brighten my day. I guess you could say that if I had to choose¬†between humans and animals I would still end up picking my family, no matter how mad they made me or how small they made me feel, I love them there my family without them id never be able to do anything for a matter of fact¬†I don’t think id even be able to live without them, but there is that one family member that I hate that one¬†person¬†that always hurt me every time that person came over¬†id end up being hurt, physically and mentally, that person hurt me so many times that its become a routine when ‘it’ comes over I already know what’s waiting for me, I already know that there’s no use trying to run or hide away because the longer I make ‘it’ wait the more it hurts, and I always end up blaming myself, blaming myself for not screaming or running to my dad, I could tell them and make it stop, but ‘it’ has warned me so many¬†times that if I say something to anyone, I wont wake up the next day and if I do wake up, I will never see my family again.


That’s my life, I cant hide and I cant run, I cant talk either, even when speaking up could change everything in a second, I just need to get used to it, to live it with it. Speaking has anyway never done me any good, whenever I stand up for myself, I get in trouble, when ever I tell someone how I feel, I get in trouble, its like a¬†battle that just wont end, one where no matter how much I fight ,I never win. “Row? Are you even listing to me?” I glared at Skylar who was looking at me with a worried look on her face, I had probably been staring at her the whole time while I was thinking, I knew she hated it when I did that but I couldn’t always help it¬†im always thinking, even when there’s no need.


“Yea im listing” I replied to my sister thought I don’t think she heard me since I was whispering to myself. “I can see right through you, you know?” If my sister could really see right through me she would no longer want to speak to me, “Well anyway..” my sister started but this time her voice held a tint of excitement that I knew I would probably have to listen to. “Would you please come with me tonight!” Tonight that was probably what she was talking about while I was in my thinking mode, but since I didn’t hear anything she said and I don’t want her asking me why I didn’t say anything I decided to respond with the first thing that came to mind. “Sure why not” Right after those words left my mouth Skylar started grinning ear to ear, she looked really freaky at that moment but she soon left my room to go do, who knows what.


Since I was obviously going somewhere with my sister tonight it meant she probably had a special outfit she wanted me to wear, it was pretty cool when we went out somewhere cause even thought we didn’t really look alike Skylar made sure we wore matching outfits so that people could see out twin power as Skylar likes to call it, when it was Sky’s idea to go out we would usually wear dresses and if it was my idea it would be something that looks a lot like pyjamas, we knew a lot about each other, Sky knew all my likes and dislikes and I knew all hers¬†we even know stuff about each other that my parents don’t even know and we don’t plan on telling them either, a lot of times I didn’t even have to tell Sky any of my secretes she kind of just guessed them all just like I did with hers, but even thought we knew everything about each other there was still one thing that I hadn’t told her and there was one thing that she never told me, which is still ok cause were not ready yet, we understand that, and the nice thing is she doesn’t force me to tell her and I wont force her, even thought one of my many flaws is that if I don’t know something it makes me want to know it more, it sucks, a lot.

{{Authors note: Hey awesome people ūüôā Welcome to generation 2! Even thought gen one wasn’t very long I have a lot more planed for Sparrows generation so you could be expecting longer chapters soon, anyway I hope you all enjoyed this little intro, Have an amazing day/night further ūüėČ p.s Here’s a little pic of the Blue family together.}}





Chapter 8

Precisely 3 days after my due date, the girls finally decided they were ready to see the world, and eleven hours later I welcomed two beautiful girls into the family, little Skylar and Sparrow.¬†It was still impossible to believe that¬†today 4 years ago I held them in my arms for the first time, time sure […]

Chapter 7

Today is the day im getting married, after postponing the wedding day for two months it was finally happening, I think my little ones are more exited than I am. After they developed legs I didn’t need an alarm clock anymore they would kick and go crazy from 4am till Alex came to bed witch would be around 11, it was exiting being pregnant the little movements in my belly always brought a smile to my face, I couldn’t wait to meet my little girls, we already had the nursery set up for them all that we needed was for them to give the signal to say there ready of course that was still 3 months away but 3 months go by faster than the blink of an eye, but other than looking forward to metting my girls¬†I¬† had my little brother who just recently started 1st grade mom and dad would have been so proud if they saw him now, Quentin had been such a huge help, he did all his chores without me having to ask and his school grade were always high,¬†Mom had also been coming over a lot helping me clean the house and cook food, even thought I could do it on my own she insisted an when ever mom would come over Quale would tag along to, her and Quentin are closer than ever they hang out at home and at school without ever getting into a fight. I guess I really was lucky to have such an amazing family.

“Lets get you made-up and ready for the big day” Me and Alex decided to have a small little backyard wedding, we didn’t want anything to big but nothing to small either, I was planning on just walking down the eisle with a normal dress but my normal dress idea was now a traditional wedding dress due to my lovely mother.



“Don’t you think im to big?”

“Honey your expecting twins of course your big”

“You sure the dress will fit?”

“We just have to see now don’t we?”¬†Was everyone so nervousness on there wedding day, It as if something could go wrong any minute, what if my hair decided to be difficult or if the girls decided to lie on my bladder again causing me to almost pee myself. I know I’m probably overreacting but it could happen.


“Look at you”

Seeing myself in the mirror made me smile, the dress fitted perfectly and my hair looked amazing, I couldn’t believe it was me in the mirror,¬†The only time I put makeup on was¬†at my high school prom that was four years ago.¬† I love it mom”

It was still hard to believe I made it this far out of the thousands time of wanting to give up I pushed through I made it to today, I still wonder if mom and dad would be proud of me, and what remarks Penelope would be making. It was always moments like these that I missed them the most, Every girl wants to have her parents at her wedding.


Even thought it wasn’t a big wedding with many people I still felt like a princess, I would usually hate people looking at me but this was different. The way Alex gazed at me made me light up inside the only person I saw infront of me was him, My attention was only on my fianc√© witch in less than ten minutes would be my husband. Today was our day the day that we become one, when we can finally call ourselves husband and wife.


My dad stood next to me handing me over to Alex as well as kissing me on the cheek, I was focused on everything that was going around me but I was also lost. “You look beautiful” I saw a small smile form on Alex’s face, the look on his face made my cheek’s go red.


“Thank you” He pulled me close and kissed my cheek, We said our vowels and signed the papers, we were now officially Mr. and Mrs. Blue.


After cleaning and lots of cake it was finally time for everyone to leave we said our goodbyes, and it was finally time to go to bed, well not exactly yet, I still had to shower, feed the fish after reading Quentin a bedtime story, It seemed like a lot to do even thought it wasn’t but I was tired, the girls had been doing summersaults and having dance parties in my stomach all day, I guess they were really tired too cause there little kicks got softer.



“Yea squishy?”

“What were mommy and daddy like? Were they nice?” Hearing Quentin bring up Mom and dad was a little bit of a shock, I never really talked to Quentin about them, I showed him pictures and stuff but he never really asked about them.

“They were amazing, the best parents in the world” Maybe they weren’t the best but I wasent going to tell my little brother about all the bad experiences I want him to know the good things not the bad.

“I wish I could see them” Quentins voice got soft when he said that, I missed them too, but unlike him I got to make memory’s with them, and that’s something he never got to do.

“Me too” The room went quite other than me still reading to Quentin, I was thinking about past memorys and Quentin while he was just listing to me reading the story.

“sis can I ask you to do something?”

“It depends”

“When the babys arrive can you tell them im there big brother?”

“Of course, but why?”

“Iv always wanted to be a big brother and I don’t want them to know I don’t have a mommy and daddy”

“Ok I promise, now you need to get some sleep”

“goodnight sis”

“Goodnight my Squishy”


It felt amazing being married, I guess it was sort of the same as dating and living together but it was awesome referring to Alex as my husband, I probably said that word more than I should but I didn’t care I just loved it that much. We were a family now, even thought the other two members of our family still had to arrive, it didn’t mean we weren’t one yet, Mom and dad showed me that family has no limit and its the most important thing in the world, cause no matter what happens, family will always be by you. They welcomed me into the family and I wasn’t even there real child, they loved my unconditionally and I know they probably still do, and that’s what I want to do for my girls and Quentin, I want them to know the importance of family, I have heard about legacy’s people passing it down to there children, and that’s what I want to do, This is what I want to do with my life I want to keep my family alive in memory of my parents, my sister and even my horse.

“Mom, dad if you can here me, I just want to say Im going to make you proud, I promise.” The Blue Legacy.. I like the sound of that.


{{Authors note: Hi everyone, it not the end yet, theres still a few chapters before Pacifica’s generation is over, I just wanted to add that into the chapter, so that everyone knows Pacifica’s reason for wanting to start a legacy, Hope you all enjoy the chapter “Hug”}}

And now for some photos of the newly webs ūüôā














Chapter 6



{{Contains Mild language you have been warned}}


“Would you get off your phone”

“Just hold on” Alex thought it be a good idea to go out tonight, usually I wouldn’t worry cause Quentin would be with the babysitter, but Alex also decided that we should leave him with my mom, so he could also sleep over. I didn’t mind leaving him with Kasey but this was different since he was sleeping over. My anxiety was taking over me and I had to call to remind her what to do.

“Hi mom it me again”

“What is it now?

I already did everything you told me to do from your last call’

“I just wanted to tell you to keep his socks on, and don’t take them off, if he gets hot just take his pants off instead but leave the socks, his feet get cold’

“I know, I know, Quana wasn’t a baby that long ago you know.”

“Give him his Pacifier but only the one with the green dinosaur, the blue dinosaur is for during the day”

“Yes you told me that already dear”

“And I put his purple duck teddy at the bottom of the bag, make sure to give it to him or he will get fussy”

“I know, now go and enjoy your date!”

“Wait use his soft blanket!”

“Bye” I wanted so badly to enjoy the date, but I couldn’t help it, what if he got sick, or cold, or missed me, then he would cry the whole night, and I need to call her. “I forgot to.. before I could finish my sentence I was cut off by Alex’s soft lips pressed against mine, He was right I didn’t need to worry, I should enjoy this.



The restaurant¬†looked beautiful during the day, I drove past here all the time, but with all the lights on it looked amazing, there was a beautiful fountain and rose petals lying on the ground, I felt a little underdressed when we stepped inside, everything was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop staring at everything, and to top everything Alex was being the perfect gentlemen, he pulled out my chair and even ordered for me.


“You look amazing” After hearing those three words escape¬†Alex’s mouth I could fell me cheeks go red, Alex probably saw cause I heard him let out a soft chuckle. I guess I really was caught in his eyes, cause our food arrived faster than I thought it would, and Alex wasn’t the only thing I felt in love with, for the food in my mouth was just as amazing.

“Would you mind standing up for a second?”

“No, not at all, why is something wrong?”

“Well no, I just want to ask you something” Before I could open my mouth to say anything else, Alex got down on one knee.

“Pacifica Blue, Ever since i first lay eyes on you, I fell in love, I always thought love at first site, was none existent, but that was until I met you. I tried to keep you from going home just so I can spend more time with you, I Love you Pacifica and I don’t want us to ever be apart, Would you do me the honour of being my wife?”


Down on one knee was Alex, my first boyfriend, The love of my life, Listing to his words just made my heart beat faster, He really is the one. “Yes, yes yes yes!”

“How about we ditch this place and go home?”

“Id love to” That night was amazing, I kept running that nights memory thought my head, I was finally Engaged, that felt so good to say.



Shit, not now! I was sitting on the bathroom floor, babbling like a child, I felt upset, mad, and a small bit of joy, and I made sure to express all of it, It didn’t matter how loud i was since, Alex was at work and Quentin at my moms. I really messed up this time, that’s what not thinking does, right in my hand was this magical pee covered stick that just determined my future less than 10 minutes ago, Positive, that’s what stood on all seven on them, Of course I wanted kids, but I had a wedding in four months and Quentin was starting First grade in two months, I couldn’t be pregnant now, We don’t even have space for a baby, a two bedroom and one bathroom house was not enough space to raise a kid, maybe the tests were wrong, I mean they could be faulty, I need to go to the doctor, they could do a blood test, and it will be fine right?



“Pregnant? Are you sure?”

“Yip they did blood tests and everything”

“Do you know how far you are?”

“Yes, im already¬†six¬†weeks”¬†Right after finding out the news from the doctor I needed to go somewhere where I wasn’t alone and since it was almost time for me to pick up Quentin, what better place to go than my moms house? I needed to talk to¬†someone, before my thoughts drive me mad.

“Wow are you going to tell Alex?”

“I don’t want to”

“He deserves to know”

“Im scared ok I know he needs to know, but what if he doesn’t want a kid?”

“Well he handles Quentin like his own son, I think he would ¬†want a kid”


“Well what if im a terrible mother, what if the kid hates me?”

“Honey look at you, Quentin loves you to death, that kid talks about you none stop when his here, his reffered to you as mom so many times, You would make an amazing mother, and Alex would be an awesome dad, don’t think about things before they happen ok. Tell you what I will babysit Quentin tonight, and then you can be alone with Alex to tell him about the baby ok?”

“Ok, you sure Quentin wont be to much?”

“Of course not, Its already 5pm Alex would be home soon, the drive should give you enough time to think about what your going to say”

“Ok, Love you mom, thank you”

“Its my pleasure, now you better tell him and not use the night for something else”


“Im just saying” Mom was right, Alex would be my husband soon and we promised to never keep secretes from each other, Im sure he would want a kid he probably did want one and now it just happened to come sooner than expected, I mean I could always tell him its an early wedding gift, I hope I don’t mess this up.


Well maybe baking¬†cookies wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Just add some flour, a few piece’s of chocolate chips and perfect. To take my mind of something’s I decided to improve my baking skill a little and what’s better that getting home to the sweet smell of chocolate chip cookies.

“What’s cooking?”¬†Even thought I expected Alex to come home in a few minutes I got a fright, I was focusing so hard to not mess up the recipe that I didn’t even here the door open.

“Just making some cookies that’s all”

“Yum, So I wanted to ask you something?” Those words always sent shivers down my spine, maybe it was because every time I heard that I would usually be in trouble.

‘Ok, what is it”

“Well I was wondering, that maybe we could move? I mean id like to carry my wife into our home but I cant exactly do that if I need to go in an elevator first.”

“I’d like that, What type of house were you thinking of?”

“Maybe a four bedroom one?”

“Four bedroom? But were only three people?”

“Well I was wondering if we could maybe have a family of our own, after the marriage and everything.”Hearing that he wants a felling made me fell a lot better, Maybe I could tell him now while were discussing the house thing.

“That sounds amazing, and talking about family, Im. Well I don’t know how to say this but Im pregnant!” I said in the most cheerfull voice, I was exited to have this kid, I wasent before but hearing Alex talk about family and a new house it made me fell like everything is going to be ok.

“Oh..”Oh? What did he mean by oh? He was exited when he came home and now all that excitement in his voice is gone.

“Why oh?”

“Couldn’t you wait after the wedding?”

“I wanted to but¬† things happen?


“Cant you return it?” Return it? What the hell was he talking about, its a baby you cant just return a baby. I don’t know why he would be so upset about this.

“Be realistic would you, Its a baby I cant return it, and you said you wanted a family what happened to that?

“I wanted a family after the wedding Pacifica not now! Now is just not right.”

Well there’s nothing we can do about it ok, Im pregnant and you can chose to deal with it or just..”

“Just what?”

“Im tired, im going to bed” He didn’t say anything after that, I¬†wasent really tired but I didn’t want the argument to continue, we rarely fought, we both always kept our cool and this being about a baby is even worse, Why wouldn’t he want a kid?


I think after all my thoughts I really did fall asleep maybe I really was tired but I was to focused to see that, I sat up to here if I can here anything, the TV was on so maybe I wasn’t alone in the apartment after all. Of course I wasn’t just going to randomly walk into the living room as if nothing happened, I would take my time, hopefully Alex would here I was awake and then he could apologize.


After putting my Pjs on and fizing up my hair I walked into the living room, only to see my two boys sleeping, mom probably dropped of Quentin or maybe Alex picked him up, looking at them made me relax.

“Im sorry, I do want this kid, I was just shocked” Alex muttered while still half asleep. I nodded in response

Its ok” I replied while kissing my fianc√© on the head.

“I love you” Those three words always made me smile,

“I love you too”

{{My sixth chapter this is awesome! I had some trouble with this chapter I don’t know what I did but for¬†some odd reason everything that was written in bold it just like freaked out as you will see there are some parts that are still in bold and the ones that are not¬†are the ones that gave me problems hopefully I can figure out what went wrong so it wont happen again in the next chapter but anyway, hope you enjoy “hug”}}

Chapter 5


The week after my family’s death everything hit me and it hit me hard, Coming home to an empty house, with only me and Quentin, the social worker wanted¬†us to go to an orthanage, since I was only 16 and not capable of taking care of a two year old, but I fought for me and my brother and even thought we couldent stay in our house we got a new one,¬†two bedroom and one bathroom, it was smaller and higher since it use to be a hotel until they turned it into a house, but it was perfect for me and my brother, even thought we never used the second bedroom since Quentin slept with me in my bed it was still home to us. It was hard to believe it had already been two years since the incident, I was 18 now and Quentin was¬†four it was amazing how fast time flew, it was also sad in my case, my parents missed my gradation, and they missed Quentin’s first day of pre-school it was hard for both of us. I guess I had to give a shout out to all the single moms out there too, raising a toddler¬†is a challenge, especially with Quentin his always got a new habit and right when we conquer one a new one drops by, like last week he had the habit of¬†hiding away till I¬†was about to call the police along with leaving the door wide open¬†even when I just closed it and now its sitting on the kitchen counters while im busy with hot and sharp stuff that could hurt him, but even thought he drives me crazy I love him with my heart and cant imagine life without my little Squishy.


Usaly we won’t go out much or even at all but today I needed to do something, I wanted to see my birth parents I wanted to know if what Dominic said was true or if he was just plain crazy witch in my opinion he was, to be honest I was nervous I mean it’s not everyday that for the first time in your life you see the people who are responsible for you being alive, I was even more nervous for Quentin’s part he hasnt exactly come in contact with a lot of people and ¬†I didint want to take him with but I didint want to leave him with a stranger either.

I never knew my birth parents had been living in sunset valley this whole time, we’ll I quess I would have known if I actully tried to contact them, i still had no urge to try and welcome them into my life, they weren’t there for the start of it, so they don’t have to be there for the rest right? I was only here to ask them some questions and then go and carry on living life to the fullest. ¬†“hello”¬†I rang the doorbell again, only this time I didn’t get the opportunity to turn around and go, because someone answered the door, I was expecting an adult but it wasn’t an adult but a little girl she looked about 11 if she wasn’t younger.


“hello, Do Mr. And Mrs Robins live here perhaps?

“yes, Wait are you Pacifica!?”¬†The little girl I front of me seemed exited when she said my name, maybe my birth- mother was a babysitter or maybe the girl standing in front of me was my cousin.

“Uh yes I’m her, may I ask who you are?”


The little girl grabbed me by my free arm dragging my inside, for a small child she had some strength in her, or maybe I was just incredibly week. Walking out of what I would assume was a kitchen, we’re two people who looked about middle aged, I could only presume that they were my birth-parents, but what shocked me was how much I seemed to look like them, The woman had my hair colour and and eye colour two, where the man looked just like Dominic his mere name sent chills down my spine, and now that I ¬†had to look right at him i felt that same horrible feeling that I did on the day of my parents death.

“It really is her, honey look”¬†I heard the soft whisper of the woman who was now right I front of me.

“I’m sorry let me introduce ourselfs, I’m Kasey and this is my husband Rich.¬†I was about to give my name, when suddenly Kasey wrapped her arms around me. It felt welcoming but I didint return it I couldent, I bearly met her I was not going to just welcome them in open arms, they needed to answer my questions first.

“uh could you please let go of me”

“oh I’m sorry, I didnt mean to frighten you, I just missed you so much.”¬†

If they really missed me, they wouldn’t have sent there son to come and kill my family would they? I can’t forgive them for that, they don’t deserve forgiveness.

“I know you proudly missed me, but I’m not here to welcome you in open arms, I’m here to ask some questions and to get them answered not to make up lost years.”¬†I knew my words would probly hurt them, but they deserved it, they should be hurt just like I was.


” Ok would you like to take a seat?”¬†

“No thanks I’d like to stand.”

“Quana, why don’t you show my grandson the playroom”


” Sorry but his not your grandson his my brother, and his name is Quintin.”

“oh I’m sorry dear I just assumed”¬†

“Don’t call me dear I have a name for a reason”¬†My tone wasn’t very welcoming, or even nice, I quess I could have changed it but I didint have a good enought reason.

“I’m sorry de.. I mean Pacifica, you said you wanted to ask us some questions?”

“Yes, Firstly, why was I givin up?”

“I really didn’t want to, I love kids I really do, and giving you up was the hardest thing I ever had to do”

“If it was so hard then why did you do it?”¬†

“Pacifica are you aware you have a brother?”

“Yes, we had an¬† accounter not to long ago.”


” Yes we’ll I had you and Dominic when I was 16 and I sadly couldent afford to take care of you both and I didn’t want to separate you two, so I gave up you both. But of course I wasn’t aware they sent you to different orphanages.

“Why didn’t you ever come back or visit?”

“I really wanted to but the social workers wouldn’t tell me where you two were. And when I was financially stable to get you two back, we’ll you weren’t there.”

“Dominic told me that you didn’t want to adopt him, is that true?”

“no of course not, we wanted both of you, I was just a little disipointed cause I had always wanted a daughter, and if you don’t mind me asking, How was your family do you all get along well?”

“They were the best and always will be.”¬†

“I’d love to met them and thank them for everything they ever did for you.”

“I’d like to thank them to but, sadly that’s impossible”¬†The last time I talked about my family was to the police officer the day of there death, it¬†hurt bringing them up but I know I need to answer there questions if it want them to answer mine.

“Oh, Do they not have contact with them anymore?’¬† By the tone in her voice I could tell she was clueless, I felt sorry for them knowing there only Son was in prison and not knowing why, they deserved to know at least, but what if they fell sorry for that? I cant have people felling sorry for me. I don’t want them to be guilty.

“Kasey, do you know why your son is in prison?’

“Yes he stole something right?”

“He didn’t steal something in a way he stole someone.’

“No, my son is not a kidnapper he would never do that’

“He killed my family right infront of me, and if you don’t believe me I could show you the house, the still existing blood stains, you could even ask the police, he said he did all of it because, you never wanted him, Yes that’s not a good reason for him to do that. That’s why you cant contact my family and neither can I” I could fell my tears threatening to fall, my whole body shacking. I couldent break down, not now, I have to be strong for Quentin.

“Oh Sweetie, come here. Im so sorry” Kasey reached out and hugged me, I really didn’t want a hug, but I didn’t want to pull away, it was warm, and felt like my moms, for the first time in two years, I cried without felling ashamed, without thinking that I need to be strong, It felt good, It felt as if all my worries had just disappeared, A hug, is all I really needed.



After catching up a bit with my parents, Quentin started getting fussy, and it was only then that I realized how late it had got, I guess after my breakdown, I actually felt better now, maybe it was cause I had been holding it in for so long or maybe just the fact that I still had family, I found out the little girl, Quana happened to be my sister, and it seemed as if her and Quentin got along, even if they are seven years apart, Quentin could use a friend, we also made an arrangement to met up again, maybe go to the park or just a cup of coffee, it felt nice to know that I could go out without worrying for once.


“Hey” After putting Quentin to sleep, In his own crib for once, I got a little surprise visit from the one and only Alex, after everything we went through we still managed to make our relationship work, And after talking to him about my day and everything that happened, We fell asleep and for the first time in years, I was actually ok.



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Chapter 4



Things were finally coming together I¬†no longer kept myself awake at night with all my thoughts I put that aside cause I had no need to worry now, I had¬†Alex, an amazing family, a horse and even¬†Penelope¬†got a boyfriend. Everything was finally going smoothly, ¬†Penelope and Dominic have been really serious about there relationship I guess it was weird for me seeing them moving so fast when me and Alex had only recently started kissing in public, It sometimes felt like Penelope was being rushed for I knew a lot of stuff they did together weren’t her idea, I don’t know if it was my sister instincts or just me but I got a bad felling everytime I saw Dominic with Penelope, or even when I just saw him alone, he always makes me fell uncomfortable¬†¬†and small, and it wasn’t just me Alex didn’t like him either when they were alone a fight always broke out, witch I guess might have been one of the reasons we stopped going on double dates, of course I haven’t told Penelope my reason, what type of sister would she think I am if I didn’t like her boyfriend, I mean when she first met Alex she didn’t like him, even Quinton threw him on the head with a toy block when he first met Alex but he started to warm up to him and now there like best friends, maybe that’s all I had to do was warm up to him, I mean that’s what everyone does.


Me and Alex always got along we had our fair share of fights but we always made up afterwards, we had grown really close and what made our relationship even more special our horses liked each other so much they decided to have some horse fun time in the backyard and now my little Spade is expecting a foal, mom and dad weren’t to over whelmed¬†but they decided to go along with it. Speaking of mom and dad, they had left me and Penelope alone to take care of our baby brother well the went on a vacation to visit family for the week, I missed them but knowing that they trust you enough to take care of a two year old, a house and a pregnant horse sure made me fell grown-up and responsible it was a pretty good felling to know they trust me and Penelope that much, the first few days were hard but we got used to it pretty fast and since it being out last day to have the house to our self, Penelope took advantage of it and threw a party it only has 14 people but if we don’t get everyone out of here and the mess cleaned up by tomorrow afternoon were dead, but what am I doing, nope not enjoying the party and dancing with my boyfriend, im in my brothers room reading him a story, I tried to convince him that he wont here me due to the loud music, he managed to make me A.K.A threw a tantrum until I said yes. ” Goodnight my little squishy”


I walked out the room with a huge smile on my face not only had I finally managed to put my brother to sleep but I could finnaly enjoy party, it was pretty awesome..



“Is he still asleep?”

“yea, I hope nothing’s wrong he hasent slept so¬†late before” It was currently 11am and Quentin was still asleep, his coughing kept us awake the whole night so instead of getting some sleep in me and Penelope started with the cleaning early.

“Maybe I should take him to the doctor?”

“Yea maybe, I could stay behind and finish cleaning up for in case mom and dad come back early”

“OK im going” I straped still sleeping Quentin in the car seat and rode to the hospital.


The children’s floor of the hospital was different than the rest, it wasn’t white and boring, but colourful and fun there were paintings and flowers it felt warm and inviting and the waiting room chairs are so comfortable,¬†I could fall asleep, well I did drift off a few times “Honey are you there?” I recognised my moms voice anywhere, looking up to here I only realized how much I actually missed her the past week.


“You ready to go home, I already said bye to Quen”

“Is he ok?”

“Yes his just got broncites there just going to keep him for the night to get his fever under control”

“ok, Im sorry for getting him sick”

“Honey its not your fault, kids get sick all the time”


“Come give your mother a hug” I really missed my mothers warm hugs, and her soft voice I cant wait to get home and snuggle up next to her.




I made sure I walked through the front door first so if Penelope missed any spots I could quickly hide them before my parents became suspicious but to my surprise everything was clean but Penelope was missing in action, mom and dad walked to there bedroom to unpack there clothing I hope, Im still¬†worried over Quentin he would have been sitting next to me watching some TV now or running around pretending he was a dinosaur and trying to eat my leg, I stood up from the coach and made my way to¬†our room, I knew if Penelope would be anywhere she would be in our room and boy was I right but nope she was not sitting on the beanbag watching TV but rather something else, ¬†I don’t know how long I had been standing here staring at them but I couldn’t move I couldn’t close my eyes I just stood and stare.


“PACIFICA GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!” My sister probly screamed the same thing 5 times but I still couldn’t move.

“THATS IT! IM SICK OF YOUR SHIT PACIFICA” Dominic stormed right out of the room, I finally was able to move but I soon froze again once I heard the sound of my mom screaming and the load boom of my dads gun, me and Penelope stared at each other for a split second but we quickly¬†ran out the room when we heard a second shot.


Right on the living room floor lay my parents, no sound escaping there mouths and there chests weren’t moving either. Looking at them made my heart ace tears were running down my face I wanted to scream but no sound could escape my mouth, in a split second a gun shot went off again, I moved my hands to my stomach only to find it wasn’t me who had been shot but Penelope, everything was happening so fast right before my eyes and I couldn’t do anything, it all felt as if I was dreaming, but the pain I was felling let me know this wasn’t a dream it was real.



“Why are you doing this?” My voice was shaky and soft but it was there.

“Im sick of you that’s why” I could here the anger in Dominic’s voice, I still have no clue why his so mad I never did anything to him I didn’t even know him two weeks ago.

I chocked back my tears and opened my mouth again, “I didn’t do anything wrong”

“My whole life you have interfered!”

“What are you talking about?”

” Are you really that stupid that you never questioned anything, why we look alike, why we share a birthday, nothing rings a bell?

“No why would it, your just some guy” Why would I question anything? We did not look anything alike in my eyes and sure we shared a birthday but lot of people do.

“Were twins Pacifica” Nothing Dominic was saying made sense, sure there might be a possibility but we were not related we couldn’t be.

“You know I live with mom and dad, but they didn’t want me they were looking for you, I will never forget the disappointment in there face when they heard you were already adopted, ¬†they were forced to take me instead” I heard everything he was saying, but I wouldent believe it, there weren’t a lot of kids at the orphanage I would have remembered my own brother, nothing he was saying jogged a memory, even if it was hard to focus right now I would have remembered.

“You still have that horse right?”

“Yes” I was afraid to ask why cause frankly I already knew what he was going to do.

“I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere” The chuckle in his voice sent chills down my spine, but I quickly shook it off, Dominic walked to the back door, and I knew now would be my only chance, with the little strength I still had, I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and dialled the one person I knew would be willing to help.

“Hey babe, How are you?” usually Alex voice would immediately cheer me up, but this was different, I needed to get out of here, no matter how badly I wanted to be with my parents, I had to get Quentin I had to make sure he would be ok.

“Alex, help me please, get here fast and bring the police”


The police along with Alex arrived here fast, They asked me questions and took away Dominic, after they assured me that he would be locked up forever. Knowing he would be locked up didn’t make me fell any better, he took my family’s life, his should be taken away¬†to.¬†After a lot of questions and crying, I was finally able to see my baby brother.




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Chapter 3


A lot had changed in the past 8 months, I had a horse was a big amazing part of it and mom finally popped out my little brother, I wasent as lucky as my sister was to actuly be there to witness my brother being born cause I was out riding when mom went into labour meaning i had to go back to the house and pack my moms bag as well as clean the house, but then again hearing my sister talk about what a horrifying scene it was im glad I stayed at home. The day after the birth when mom came home it was not at all what we expected, my brother only cried when he was hungry or had a dirty diaper (witch me and Penelope had to take turns changing) he was a quite baby and he gave all of us a good nights sleep, he probably knew that the longer we slept the more time we spend with him the next day, but of course that all changed in the course of four and a half months, he started waking all of us up in the middle of the night with his high pitched screams, and would only shut up when we have to get ready for school or work in my parents case.


Quentin my darling little brother even with the sleepless nights I loved him with my heart like any sister would love there little brother, he had his naughty late night routines and his adorable little brother routines, every Saturday night right after dinner he would join me and Penelope on the couch and watch a movie with us of course everything had to be PG, even thought we told mom a thousand times he never watches the movie he just eats all of our popcorn but nope no mind-changing happening over there.

sissy are you in your woom?”¬†Hearing that soft little voice of my brother always made me smile, he had started talking recently so some of his words weren’t perfect but luckily we understood him.

“yes squishy im right here

“Can I ask¬†you sommy

“Of course you can

Can we wide on pade

No we cant ride on Spade Quentin you know what mom said” When my brother learnt to talk I figured his screaming skills would probably decrease a little so I decided to take him with me for a small ride on Spade and he immediately fell in love with it, so riding with my brother became an everyday thing but then my Mom came back from work earlier than I expected, and since¬†Quentin¬†is still to young to understand what being GROUNDED meant I got both of our¬†punishments so for a whole¬†two weeks I was¬†not aloud to ride Spade and I was¬†on diaper duty, and lets just say i think my mom fed him the mushiest food on purpose. So to avoid that happening again even thought my brother gives me the puppy dog eyes every time I saddle up or even put my helmet on¬†I just have to force my self to say no.

but im gonna wear your helmie sissy

“if you wear my helmet what im I going to wear?” I could see the confused look on his face that he always had when he was thinking.


Squishy what did mommy say about you shouting?”


“Your im my room silly, now come here so I can hug you”

“NO, YOU NO HUG”¬† We were all getting used to his anger outburst now but he needed to learn he cant always get what he wanted, when he started shouting like that we would usually all swap an eye role, and usually if he caught us it resulted in a huge tantrum and then him getting the hiccups.


Penelope was off at a camp for a month¬†she¬†left¬†two weeks ago¬†and it sure was quite without her even with my brothers horrifying screams, I missed our daily chats and local gossip, I have so much to tell her and she probably has a lot to talk to me about too, but one of the biggest thing I needed to tell her was about a guy well my guy to be perhaps I met him while riding, even our horses seemed to hit it off instantly, we had gone on a few dates but nothing serious yet, since I still haven’t told my parents about him, I know my mom might not have a problem but my dad might his not to keen about the whole dating and growing up thing.

I walked out of my room with that unsettling felling of my stomach getting worse as a approached the living room where my parents were seated in front the TV, to be honest I am incredibly nervous I know I shouldn’t be but its not everyday that you ask your parents about inviting your boyfriend over for dinner that they will have to cook.


“Mom, Dad can I ask you something?

“Sure what is it sweetie?”

“Uhm, I sorta met this guy while out riding and I was wondering if he could come over for dinner?”

“Of course he can!, my baby’s got her first boyfriend! What should I cook?, you know what never mind im going to get my cook book!” I could tell my mom was enthusiastic since she was already in the kitchen digging through the cupboards, but that pit in my stomach still hadn’t gone away cause of the one person left in the living room that hadn’t said a word during this whole conversation.

“Dad are you ok?” I mumbled but loud enough for him to here me.

“Dad”¬†¬†I said again this time making sure he could here me.

“Are you sleeping with him?” His question shocked me,¬†but¬†not a tint of emotion had shown on his face witch meant he wasn’t joking.

“No, Dad we haven’t even been dating that long!”

“So you thought about it?”

“Dad that’s way to personal, and to answer your question NO” Maybe that wasent completely true but he should know to trust me by now im not like that.. or maybe I am, not your not, dads just playing mind tricks on you, he always does.

“Pacifica your my daughter and its my job to protect you, I know what’s teenaged boys are like I was one to, I just don’t want to see you hurt when I know I could have done something”

“I can take care of myself, don’t you trust me?”

“Pacifica of course I trust you its this guy your dating that I don’t”

“How can you say that you haven’t even met him”

“OK fine, he can come for dinner tonight but if I don’t like him, you dump him right there and then and if you don’t the only time you can see him is in this house while im home got that?”

“Fine” Yes he was being a bit harsh but I knew it was for my own good, and there’s no¬†doubt they wont like him, Alex it amazing and tonight I can prove it to them.


The sudden knocking at the door made me jump but I knew who it was so I managed to relax pretty fast, I managed to get to the door before dad did, I was immediately greeted by a kiss on my forehead, that would always but butterflies in my stomach.


“MOM!, DAD!”

Mom and dad reached us pretty fast, and while dad was just standing there with his arms crossed mom was already starting a conversation, I always admired how she welcomed everyone with open arms and was never shy to talk to anyone, sure it was embarrassing in the shop where mom would just start talking to random strangers but it was pretty cool, I hope I could get that type of confidence one day.

Since the food was still in the oven mom motioned for all of us to¬†go to the living room, since my brother was already asleep I knew we wouldn’t have any disruptions to make this even more awkward than it already is, and when Alex reached to touch my hand I could immediately fell my dads glare on us, I could swear he was trying to read my mind or something but it sure was uncomfortable.


After mom called to say dinner was ready, the night went pretty smooth dad actually talked and I heard him laugh several times, turns out my Dad and Alex have a lot more in common, that after a while me and mom just stood back trying to figure out what they were talking about. I had a pretty good felling that Alex would be seen a lot more often at my house.




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Chapter 2

Mornings… People always ask me why I hate mornings while my answer is.. You have to get up!! Even on my birthday my sister won’t respect the fact that I want to sleep, sure it was only Friday and I have to get ready for school but an hour before my alarm goes off?! Most […]